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UCLA Dental School

UCLA Dental School, or the UCLA School of Dentistry, ranks among the top dental schools in the United States. UCLA, which stands for University of California, Los Angeles, is a Public Ivy institution that is located in the area of Westwood Village. It is part of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), which works toward the advancement of higher education.

Six academic divisions make the UCLA Dental School. These are: Advanced Prosthodontics, Biomaterials and Hospital Dentistry; Associated Clinical Specialties; Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences; Oral Biology and Medicine; Public Health and Community Dentistry; Restorative Dentistry.

The UCLA Dental School offers a variety of programs. Among these are the traditional four-year Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program, the Professional Program for International Dentists (PPID), preceptorships, residency or postdoctoral programs in various specialties, master's and PhD programs in oral biology, and externships for dental students not affiliated with the UCLA Dental School.
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